Most of us will be there. But for now that our elders are the ones in that stage, it is good to know about the benefits of kinesiologie to our elders.

Giving care to our elders can be one of the most demanding chores that we can ever get. That must be the reason family members bring their old folks to geriatric care facilities. But whether they are there with you or are in a senior facility, getting them to a kinesiologist can be of great help to you and for our elders.

When we age, many changes occur. It is not only our physical attributes that alter but also our mental, social, and emotional aspects. Maintaining our old folk’s physical, mental, and emotional health can be the core issues we can talk with a kinesiologist.

As much as possible, we want our elders to continue an independent life for as long as they can. We wish that they may be able to do activities of daily living without many struggles. The following are some points where a kinesiologist can help us.

Management of Motivation Problems

Accepting that they are old may cause a lack of motivation for our elders. Their physical strength must have decreased a lot and may get worse with prolonged immobility. With a kinesiologist, the right exercise regimen for your folks can be formulated. Undoubtedly, the exercises will not only target the improvement of muscle strength but also other physical issues such as coordination and endurance.

Alleviation of Depression

A lot of causes can lead to depression. The situation that an elder cannot do his usual activities is a reason for depression. Another reason is that he may have been left by most of his friends and loved ones. Or is it a hormonal thing? Whatever it is, exercises and manipulation may let him look at the good side of things and find contentment in his present condition. A kinesiologist has programs to manage stress and loneliness, which can trigger depression.

Improvement of Restricted Mobility

One problem may lead to another. Because of the lack of motivation and depression, a senior may not want to move and exercise. Because an elder also gets easily exhausted, he may refrain from physical activities. Prolonged immobility can cause contractures, which can restrict mobility. Restricted movement can also be caused by underlying problems in organs and systems of the body. By identifying the cause, a kinesiologist can formulate the right intervention.

Loss of memory is another area of concern when giving geriatric care. This can result from many other factors but can be delayed with some mental performance enhancement techniques that a top-notch kinesiologist can provide.