CBD oil

When dealing with products that have a significant impact on health, it is only right for one to have the necessary information concerning the item. Firstly, here is what you need to know about medical cannabis and it’s history.

What is Medical Cannabis/Marijuana?

cbdThe term medical marijuana or cannabis refers to cannabis strains and their compounds that serve as medication. Because of the existing old government restrictions and regulations on cannabis, researchers and scientists are yet to give full findings. However, the reports that have come in so far are very promising. For the longest time, governments have been issuing crackdowns and arrests for people growing, distributing, and using cannabis.

With the latest research findings, experts have made massive efforts to identify cannabinoids (cannabis compounds) responsible for various body influences. The famous cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Between these two compounds, THC is the element responsible for psychoactive experiences making the user feel “high.”

What Is CBD, and Is It Safe?

Unlike the THC, CBD does not influence any euphoric sensation upon the user. Cannabidiol comes in handy when the user wants to experience the therapeutic attributes of cannabis. CBD dosage varies depending on specific factors and doesn’t even have a recommended daily intake from the FDA.

The Food and Drug Administration is the body responsible for identifying and regulating substances that impact our bodies. From the research findings, experts claim the medical marijuana compound is safe for use. However, the FDA is yet to approve it as medication.

How Does CBD Influence the Body?

hemp oilFor those wondering how cannabis impacts a user’s body, nothing should frighten you as long as one uses their required dosage. As mentioned above, an individual will experience the influences of CBD when they put the following aspects into consideration:
• One’s unique body composition
• User’s weight and metabolism
• The potency of the CBD product
• Method of ingestion
• The ailment you want to manage.
These are a few of the factors that come into play when you want to determine the proper dosage for a particular issue.


From the information in this article, it’s clear that CBD’s effects depend on the dosage. It is advisable to start by using smaller doses and tracking the progress as you slowly increase the treatment. Reports show that taking very high doses is likely to trigger lightheadedness, lower blood pressure, and sleepiness. So, yes, CBD can make you sleepy, but the quality of the experience depends on its dose.