The Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

online therapy

Most people are used to traditional face-to-face therapy whenever they need to seek counseling services. However, online therapy is fast gaining popularity, and more people are using it. The good news is that there are many providers of online counseling. As such, those in need of services have more option to choose from. And as you look for a reliable counselor, you could have a look at the talkspace vs betterhelp comparison to learn about these two great online therapy service providers.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy:

Pros of online Therapy

The following are some of the pros of receiving counseling online:


convenientClients do not have to make long commutes to the therapists’ offices which saves them a lot of time and traveling expenses. They only have to set aside from their schedules the exact time they have been scheduled for the online session. This is so convenient for the client because no time is wasted traveling, in traffic jams and preparing to meet the counselor.

Besides, the client can schedule their session at their convenient time, say early morning, late evening and other times that work best for them. Unfortunately, face-to-face sessions can only happen during specific times that may not work for the client.

Freedom to Disclose

freedom to discloseOnline therapy allows the clients to speak to the therapists from the places they feel safe and comfortable, for example from their house. This makes them more comfortable and at ease to disclose personal issues compared to when having a face-to-face session with the therapist.

Also, some clients feel they need to get therapy anonymously, and under high confidentiality. The online therapy services especially text-based ones can offer the clients the anonymity thy could be seeking especially if they have very sensitive issues. Besides, all online counseling service observe the laws that protect the client’s confidentiality.

Accessibility to Remote Areas

People in rural and remote areas may have no access to quality mental treatment services or therapy due to a lack of providers in those places. Luckily, online therapy is accessible by such provided they have internet connectivity.

Cons of Online Therapy

Here are some of the few demerits of online counseling:

Technological Challenges

Lack of strong internet connection may come in the way of the client receiving the most from their online session with a counselor. Other people may not know to operate devices or lack the gadgets or internet connection.

Lack of Physical Interaction

Therapists rely on clients’ physical cues, like facial expression, to know the client’s feelings, but online therapy lacks this aspect. And even if video calls try to bridge the gap, they lack the closeness of a real-world meeting.

The pros of online therapy far outweigh the cons and would be a great choice for those who can access the internet and need a convenient time.…